About Us

 CPS Gourmet – Distributors of Spanish Gourmet products

Our Philosophy

We are a young and dynamic company, with a great trajectory and experience in the Hospitality sector. We look for the best and exclusive meats for our clients. We have a great presence in the Costa del Sol as well as in the rest of the province of Málaga.Ademas we distribute In Cordoba, Seville, Granada, Ceuta and Melilla.


Entrecot_Angus_Negro_Nebraska-610x300-300x148 Wagyu

We provide you with the quantities, cuts and presentations most suitable to your specific needs, with a regular service, reliable and in the best sanitary conditions and transport. We distinguish ourselves by our great capacity of adaptation to the needs and demands of the client, as well as to the tendencies and evolution of the market.

We maintain the same quality line every week of the year, with the most competitive prices on the market.

Our suppliers are the slaughterhouses, chopping rooms and manufacturers with greater prestige within the CEE.

The traceability guarantees the quality of the product from its origin to its destination, passing very exhaustive sanitary controls.

We have facilities and physical stock, with a strong and agile delivery commitment. We are distributors in Malaga of:

Aberdeen Black Angus, Wagyu Japan, Beef Greater, Cordero Liqueur IGP, Veal Galician IGP, Bodegas Altanza, AOVE Munda Gold, Ruben Ramos Wines, Robeal Wineries, Simon Martin Guijuelo and Precocinados Gesalaga.