Conesa Family

Three families permanently pamper the vineyards, making our wines a near reality full of warmth and humanity, moving them away from the solitary coldness of the impersonal wines resulting from mechanization. Their wines are feeling, ecological purity, passion, and nature becoming a reference of quality and excellence that leave no one indifferent. Its vineyards are at 1100 meters of altitude with an extreme climate and a very stony land, transforming each of our strains into a small work of art of raw materials, and becoming from that moment the philosopher’s stone of charisma and quality of our wines. It is an unspeakable pride to be able to offer to the world the wines that we elaborate with such care, dedication and effort in this payment, with the sole objective of trying to transmit all that torrent of passions and feelings that we experience every day.


La Sabina
Cabernet Gran reserva   /   75 cl.   /   14% vol.

Intense burgundy red in a medium layer with brick and ruby trim. Dense tear Complex of aromas with very good integration of French oak with ripe fruit, spices and a floral touch reminiscent of violet.

His mouth is pure balance, mature and expressive tannin that brings fleshiness. It grows in the mouth, tasty and expressive.

La Sabina
Syrah   /   75 cl.   /   14.5% vol.

Intense cherry red color, with ruby trim and dense tear with bluish flashes that denote integrity. On the nose ripe red fruits predominate with pastry and balsamic notes reminiscent of Mediterranean mountain and spices with light touches of milk and sweet, smoked and toasted wood.

The palate is powerful, structured, intense and fleshy. The tannin is sweet and fleshy due to its slow maturation. The wood is expressed in perfect balance without invading the variety, leaving an important weight of fruit in the aftertaste.

La Doncella
Chardonnay   /   75 cl.   /   13% vol.

From a pale straw, with green memories very clean and bright, it has a lot of packaging, tropical fruit predominates, integrating perfect aromas, ripe pineapple, apple and banana …

The palate is very unctuous, with a fantastic silkiness


La Doncella
Rosado   /   75 cl.   /   13% vol.

Intense pink, with a middle layer, with soft violet touches, surprising in all its parts, very vivid, clean, very striking and bright. Predominant notes of candies, surprise their touches of lollipop and red fruits, with an admirable nose. The palate is soft, full and very unctuous.