El Cebadero

El Cebadero


It is a pride for us to be the exclusive distributor of the province of Malaga, which today is THE BEST VACCINATOR OF THE WORLD.

It consists of three phases, the first and where we are currently is for 600 heads of cattle producing about 900 heads a year, the second phase that we already have in motion permits, we add 2,500 heads of beef producing about 4,000 heads per year and the third phase we will add another 3,000 heads of beef. We will have more than 6,000 head of cattle, producing 7,500 heads annually and making an investment of more than 9 million euros for the next five years, GENERATING VALUE AND EMPLOYMENT.

In a privileged enclave between the Montes de Toledo and the south face of the Sierra de Gredos, surrounded by thousands of hectares of cereal and ancient olive trees, we find El Cebadero.

Composed by a highly qualified current veterinary team, with the latest technologies in insemination, breeding, maintenance, feeding and development of ANIMAL WELFARE, led by a person with more than 50 years of experience and with a family tradition of more than five generations in TRADITIONAL LIVESTOCK AND AGRICULTURE.

The Breed


Combining our experience and knowledge with farmers, in the pastures, in the countryside, beef and the most modern technologies, using cabins of CONTINENTAL RACES OF THE IBERIAN PENINSULA AUTÓCTONAS thanks to its rusticity and GREAT QUALITY IN MEAT, crossing them with original BRITISH BREEDS in England and Scotland with fundamental characteristic that is the precocity, much greater than the continental races.

According to their diet, they can deposit infiltrated fat and coverage at any age. This makes their market very flexible, since they can be finished as calves to be marketed at 200 – 220 Kg or as steers at 400 – 440 Kg or at any intermediate weight if they are well finished. Also as oxen castrated with more than 700 kg and between 5 and 7 years. Of course, we add our forages and feed 100% of cereals in the area, with our formulas designed to give greater quality and homogeneity to our final product.


The health

Our project was born from a single base, ANIMAL BIOSECURITY, since then everything has revolved about it, taking all decisions by and for it, the enclave, the orientation, the plans of the complex, the construction materials, the stables, the feeders, the drinking troughs, the cleaning, eliminating any type of cross contamination, this has only one result: ANIMALS WITHOUT STRESS HAVING AN EXCELLENT AND HEALTHY LIFE, TO BE ABLE TO GIVE THE BEST MEAT OF THE WORLD.