Spanish Meats

Iberian Meats

The process of packaging is very important so that the products arrive in perfect conditions to the consumer.

We care to detail the whole process so that our Iberian pork retains its qualities and characteristics for the longest possible time

One of the most used packaging systems in our facilities is the thermoforming system.

Our thermoforming machines are used for the packaging and conditioning of our meat products. This packaging system consists of the formation, filling (manual or automatic according to the products) and sealing of the containers using rolls of films

The correct packaging is fundamental for our Iberian pork meats to have a longer life. It is very important that the packaging maintains the protective atmosphere in order to prolong the preservation of the product


The loincloth is located on the animal’s ribs, traversing the entire spine. It is a very valuable piece, formed by lean meat very juicy and covered with a thin layer of bacon.


It forms part of the head of the loin and is next to the palette. It is a very tasty and juicy piece as it contains a lot of fat infiltration, and in turn is a meat with a lot of fiber and nourishing.


It is one of the most appreciated pieces of the Iberian pig, exquisite taste and magnificent texture. It is located inside the abdominal cavity, at the bottom of the spine. It is a tender, perfumed meat and is characterized by almost the absence of fat veining.


It is obtained from the pork of the Iberian pig, and differs from the “extra secret” in the shape of the piece mainly and the fat veins, which are less thin.


Located in the final or posterior part of the animal’s back whose muscular fibers approximate those of the upper portion of the ham. It is a piece made of a very tender meat with a lot of fat infiltrated.