La Oliva Roja was born from the desire and concern of a young couple 50% from Malaga and 50% from Burgos, wanting to have a good freshly squeezed EVOO every year at their table.
Seeing the difficulty that existed when buying a good EVOO and lack of information in the labeling, they decided to start up a small project that would give value to the olive grove near Ronda, and especially that old olive grove in many cases centenary that offers us a fruit of great quality and that above all offers us a culture rooted in its roots and its wood, a wood that hides a lot of history, our history that is the pillar of our heritage.


In order to obtain a high concentration of polyphenols, it is essential to set the date of collection in a precise way, since the highest content of polyphenols and antioxidants in the olive is concentrated in dates close to the veraison or change in shade of the fruit from green to red. That is why part of the philosophy of this project is the data collection date that we include in the labeling. For us it is of the utmost importance to collect the olive at the moment in which the change of color of the olive is evident, accompanying it with its corresponding samples of laboratory analysis.