Our passion is to create, year after year, the Best Iberian Product, unique among the Iberian.

We are faithful to the Legacy received, which is none other than starting from a unique and exclusive Iberian pig and the artisan creation, piece by piece, knowing how to act in symbiosis with nature.

We select the pigs according to our race, age and feeding requirements. We know what we want and we work exclusively with farmers of our absolute confidence in the best dehesas. They are true experts in the breeding of the Iberian pig, supervising that our animals are properly fed and developed in freedom.

All our hams are of natural healing in Guijuelo, whose conditions, due to the influence of the Sierra de Bejar, are the best in Spain for the healing of our Iberian ham.

They make a special ham, with a sweeter flavor than other regions.

Valeria Summum, is synonymous with natural quality.

Our most demanded products are:

Acorn Jamon 100% Iberico

Jamon Bellota 75% Iberico

100% Iberico Acorn Shoulder

Jamon Cebo de Campo 75% Iberico

Jamon Cebo de Campo 50% Iberico

Jamon Cebo 50% Iberico

100% Iberico Bellota Loin

About Acorn Jamon 75% Iberico cut by knife

Bellota Salchichon 100% Iberico