Wagyu Japan



Ozaki is produced in the prefecture of Miyazaki, in the east of Kyushu, an island located in the south of Japan. Miyazaki is the second largest producer of cattle, with a great record, such as his 2007 “Champion Cow” award at the “Wagyu Olympics”

Ozaki takes this quality to the next level, with new techniques and procedures that make his meat the most appreciated in this region.



Mr. Ozaki began by studying the most advanced techniques related to livestock production on a farm in the United States which had 17,000 head of cattle. However, his personal perception was that the methods of mass production of beef on farms which fatten cattle rapidly and shipped too early was inadequate for him. On his return to Japan, he decided to produce meat that he and his family would enjoy eating every day. He took the reins from the farm and began to raise 100 head of cattle; After 30 years of effort and satisfied with the taste of his meat decided to call it Ozaki Beef (Ozaki Beef)


Feeding livestock is mixed every morning and evening during a process of intense work that lasts 2 hours. Compresses 15 types of food, such as prairie grass, malt-barley-brew (brewed by a brewer), corn, barley, etc., without any preservatives or antibiotics. Most Wagyu in Japan are sacrificed at 28 months, but Mr. Ozaki believes the taste continues to improve as he matures, so he prefers to sacrifice them when they are between 32 and 40 months old.

Mature flesh not only contains a sublime texture, but a pleasant taste with sweetness that emerges as you chew it. Its fat melts in the mouth is easy to digest, being able to eat a good piece of meat without feeling overwhelmed by its succulence.